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my country will advance the pilot program of compulsory food safety liability insurance system

Release Date:2018.10.04 Click Volume:554

The General Office of the State Council has recently issued the "2013 Food Safety Priority Work Arrangements" (hereinafter referred to as the "Work Arrangements"), requesting to advance the pilot program of compulsory food safety liability insurance and launch the pilot program of the chief quality officer system for food production enterprises. At the same time, formulate guidelines for further strengthening the construction of the food safety credit system, and improve the integrity information sharing mechanism and the joint punishment mechanism for untrustworthy behavior.

The "Work Arrangement" emphasizes that the outstanding contradictions restricting my country's food safety have not been fundamentally resolved, and problems still occur from time to time. To this end, while comprehensively investigating hidden dangers, deepening governance and rectification, severely punishing illegal crimes, strengthening emergency response, strengthening capacity building, and consolidating grassroots foundations, it is necessary to urge enterprises to strengthen internal management, strengthen food safety integrity system construction, and vigorously carry out food safety publicity. And strengthen food safety training.

The "Work Arrangement" requires supervisory departments at all levels to strictly supervise food production and operation units to strengthen internal management, establish a sound quality and safety management system, and strengthen the agricultural product quality and safety management responsibilities of farmers' cooperatives, leading agricultural industrialization enterprises, and agricultural product wholesale markets. . Before the end of 2013, urge all food production enterprises above designated size and corresponding business units to set up food safety management agencies and clarify the persons in charge.


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