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Health demand brings consumption upgrade, product innovation expands market space

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In order to guide the healthy development of the industry, encourage and promote industry innovation, during the "18th China Convenience Food Conference" held by the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology on September 6, 2018, the vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician and President of Beijing Technology and Business University Professor Sun Baoguo, on behalf of the organizer, released the six major innovation trends of China's convenience food industry in 2018. Academician Sun Baoguo pointed out that innovation has given inexhaustible impetus to the growth of the convenience food industry, and also made it more powerful. The six major innovation trends in the industry in 2018 illustrate that China's convenience food industry has taken firm steps in the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy.

       According to reports, the Chinese Society for Food Science and Technology has organized industry experts to analyze the innovation achievements of the convenience food industry for many years, and form a consensus on the annual innovation trend. Through the release at the convenience food conference, it will help the industry to transform health and expand product ideas and space. 

Innovative trends in China's convenience food industry in 2018

Trend 1: Inheriting classic flavors and regional characteristics highlighting differentiated innovation

       The industrialization of "local snacks" into traditional food has become another direction for the innovation and development of the convenience food industry. A variety of classic flavors with exotic flavors and local characteristics are present in the fields of instant noodles, frozen foods, and salty flavors and seasonings. Such as Nissin Ipudo cup noodles, it makes you feel like you are in a Japanese Ipudo noodle restaurant; the old Zhengzhou original soup lamb stewed fabric allows people to enjoy a bowl of fragrant lamb stewed noodles without leaving home. Technological innovation breaks through the boundaries of time and space, and innovative products with different geographical characteristics avoid homogeneous competition and form differentiated innovations.

Trend 2: Docking modern catering and cross-border integration to expand market space

       In the new era of 4 trillion yuan in the catering industry, "Internet + Catering" urgently needs convenience foods that combine "nutrition, safety, speed, and standardization" to solve the "urgency" caused by the rapid development of the market. The frozen food industry is the first to seize the opportunity, compare consumer demand, and develop a series of family foods comparable to chefs’ handmade products. For example, the golden egg dumplings that every family in the South must have during the festive season have been industrialized instead of the cumbersome production process in the kitchen, and they can now be presented in minutes. The convenience food industry upgrades the level of processing technology and officially opens the road to in-depth docking with the modern catering industry.

Trend 3: Nutrition and health-oriented products return to traditional and natural products

       In the critical period of comprehensively advancing the national strategy of "Healthy China", the convenience food industry took advantage of the trend and continuously introduced innovative products that are both nutritious and delicious, minimizing "industrial flavor" and returning products to tradition and nature. For example, the instant noodle industry uses technological innovation to create steamed noodles, which retains the nutrition and taste of traditional Chinese boiled noodles to the greatest extent. The dried noodle industry strives to innovate on a relatively simple carrier, adding fresh vegetables, miscellaneous grains and natural nutrients to the noodles through new processes to meet people's demands for nutrition and health. For example, "Nutrition 5+3 Color Butterfly Noodles" interprets the new upgrade of nutrition in the noodle industry with the exquisite interpretation of colorful butterflies.

Trend 4: Vegetarian food is becoming a trend. Product positioning keeps up with fashion trends

       Consumption upgrades have accelerated the segmentation of the convenience food market. In order to meet the individual needs of different consumer groups for products, the convenience food industry has begun to focus on product development for specific groups of people. At present, many countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and China have begun to popularize vegetarian food. In order to cater to the vegetarian trend, convenience food companies seized business opportunities in time and launched innovative products with “vegetarian” as the highlight. Whether it is plain noodles or vegetarian flavors, they focus on specific groups in the diversified market with precise positioning.

Trend 5: Creativity and whimsy   Technological innovation meets diversified needs

       In order to cater to the diverse needs of consumer groups, the convenience food industry has continuously incorporated fashion elements in product innovation from multiple perspectives, enriching product categories, and boosting the transformation and upgrading of the industry. For example, self-heating hot pot and cold instant noodles that can be eaten with only a cup of water, tableted candies of coffee and tea can be enjoyed without water, and new convenience foods such as iron sticks and yam powder for instant drinking are busy for people. Life adds to the joy of eating. Another example is the spiral-shaped crispy noodles made from pea flour, and the seasoning of black ingredients is added to make "eating" a happy enjoyment. Ingenious product names such as "Cao Cao is hungry" and "Single Dog", packaging patterns that create street food scenes, and unique pouring spouts with thoughtful design, all inject passion and vitality into the convenience food market.

Trend 6: Accelerate innovation of special equipment   still need to move from automation to intelligence

       Independent innovation of machinery and equipment is an important driving force for the continuous innovation of China's food industry as a whole. The current innovation of China's convenience food machinery and equipment industry focuses on efficiency, environmental protection, high-speed and stability, and has broken through many key technical bottlenecks as a whole, and has begun to develop in the direction of high-speed, high-efficiency, large-scale and precision, and has initially formed its own core The technical system has laid an important foundation for China's convenience food machinery and equipment industry to improve the level of automation and to further develop in the direction of intelligence.


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