Our company

561972d7f8f78c2fe66a96e5e08a4e76Our Mission:

Perfect quality, pay attention to your life; let the world enjoy delicious food while getting health and happiness

Corporate Vision:

Become the kitchen of the world, be the energy supplier of mankind, provide "food for life", "food for spirit" and "convenience of life".

Talent Concept:

Talent is the most precious corporate resource. It is necessary to understand, respect, rely on, unite and cultivate people.

People-centered, pay attention to the creativity of each employee, and improve the sense of responsibility of each employee.

Love is the selfless dedication of Zhengda

Love the country, love the family, love the company, love the customer, love the individual

Corporate Culture Requires Employees:

Wholeheartedly, loyal and reliable, active and diligent, hard-working, knowledgeable, and constant innovation

"Three Benefits" Business Philosophy:

To benefit the country is to create benefits for the country. While creating economic benefits for the country, create and develop social benefits.
To benefit the people is to create benefits for the people. Enable producers to lead a well-off life as soon as possible, and enable consumers to obtain high-quality goods at low prices.
To benefit an enterprise is to create benefits for the enterprise. Companies continue to develop new products to meet consumer needs, while also creating economic benefits for the company.

Business Philosophy:

"If you have nothing, think about something", "If you are small, think about big," "If you are big, think about good", "If you are good, think about being strong"
Production ethics, sales character

"Three Super" Beliefs:

Value: To provide consumers with value-added products and services; To be ahead: to have a forward-looking vision and strategy in the face of competitors

Leading strategy, rigorous planning, original thinking

Innovative techniques, effective communication, and effective execution

Transcendence: always surpass yourself and overcome yourself

"Four Wins" Thinking:

Win the market: Value-added products win the market

Win customers: perfect service to win customers

Earn credibility: Honest business wins credibility

Win the life: surpass yourself to win the life

Team Culture:

The success of an enterprise depends on the team, the success of the team depends on management, the success of management depends on the system, and the success of the system depends on execution


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