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Senior Clerk Dongguan Shilong 1 Female, age: under 30 2019/11/08 +

1 senior clerk, college degree or above, female, age: under 30 years old. Familiar with computers, clerk experience in trading company is preferred.

Sales Manager/Sales Director Dongguan Shilong 2 2019/11/08 +

We are looking for a high-paying sales manager/sales director each, with a bachelor’s degree, regardless of gender, age 28-38. Food majors, with more than 3 years of sales experience in sugar sales in Guangdong area are preferred. Have good communication skills and organizational skills. Have a C license or above. Salary interview, salary: basic salary plus commission. Buy social insurance!

Business Manager Dongguan Shilong 1 2018/10/06 +

Job Responsibilities:

1、According to the market and the company's strategic planning, formulate personal sales plans and goals;

2、Constantly understand the selling points of customer service or products and meet their needs;

3、Responsible for market research and demand analysis of wholesale direct selling products;

4、Can independently formulate and implement an effective development negotiation plan;

5、Develop new customers and new markets, increase the scope of product sales, and maintain important customer relationships;

6、Complete the performance indicators required by the company。


1、More than 1 year of experience in the sales industry;

2、Have a strong interest in sales and market development, and love sales;

3、Outgoing personality, strong communication skills, strong public relations skills, adaptability and business negotiation skills;

4、Good customer service awareness, strong brand and marketing planning capabilities;

5、Work experience in wired business development is preferred。

Receptionist Dongguan Shilong 2 Female 2018/10/06 +

Job Responsibilities:
1、Timely and accurately answer/transfer calls, if necessary, record the message and forward it in time;
2、Receiving visitors and notifying the interviewees promptly and accurately;
3、Send and receive company mail, newspapers, faxes and articles, and do a good job in registration management and forwarding;
4、Responsible for express delivery、
5、Responsible for the environmental maintenance of the front desk area to ensure the safety and normal operation of the equipment (including copiers, air conditioners, and clocking machines, etc.);
6、Assist company employees in copying, faxing, etc.;
7、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors

1、Good image, good temperament, age 25-35 years old, height above 1.60;
2、College degree or above, 1 year related work experience, secretarial, administrative management and other related majors are preferred;
3、Strong sense of service, proficient in using computer office software;
4、Possess good coordination and communication skills, a sense of responsibility, a lively and cheerful personality, and an affinity;
5、Accurate and fluent in Mandarin;
6、Have a certain knowledge of business etiquette。
Working hours: Monday to Saturday

Assistant to General Manager Dongguan Shilong 1 Female 2018/10/06 +

Job information

1.Complete the tasks assigned by the general manager and be responsible for the overall work of the office;

2.Assist and cooperate with the general manager and keep the work direction consistent with the general manager;

3.Responsible for the storage of important company documents and the company’s important meeting minutes;

4.Maintain customers and receive visiting customers。


1.20-35 years old

2.Have good coordination and communication skills

3.Have good planning and comprehensive analysis skills

Sales Documentary Dongguan Shilong 2 2018/10/06 +

Job Responsibilities:
1、Receive customer orders and do a good job of tracking sales orders.
2、Proactively find customer resources and communicate with customers over the phone to ensure that the set tasks are completed within the specified time limit;
3、Timely and in-depth understanding of the company’s products and related product markets and customer needs, customer pre-sales and after-sales services;
4、Responsible for collecting and sorting out customer information, maintaining old customers, and developing new customers

Job Requirements:
1、Familiar with basic office software operations, sales documentary experience is preferred;
2、Requires good data processing capabilities, obedience to management, and strong execution;
3、Have team spirit, strong communication and negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility。

Operating Hours:
6 days and 8 hours work system, 8:30-18:00 in the morning


7*24-hour service hotline


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